Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options available?

Currently only crypto. USDT, BNB, SOLANA, LITECOIN, and Bitcoin.

Are those channels being exactly the same as original?

Yes. our bot copies everything real-time from original source… texts, links, files, photos, videos, LONGER videos, Everything.

What is the difference between telegram and discord?

They’re exactly the same channels and content but we believe discord is much easier since you need to join channels one by one on telegram but you can easily join all channels at once on discord, short answer is discord is better.

Telegram told me "too many attemps" what to do know ?

Telegram has limits for 5-10 channels every 10 minutes, this issue is from telegram itself and we can't solve it. However, our discord will save your time for joining our leaked library instantly.

Too many signals! what to follow ?

That's the point. with good management like 3-5% of capital in every trade and 50% profit at first target you can make actual profit by following more signals to maximize profit and minimize loss.

I want to get updates when your list update, how to ?

We announce on our telegram bot and discord news channel in every update. make sure to join us there.