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One subscription, 150+ channels. Spot, Futures, Indicators, auto trading and more.

What is Crypto Vip Pass?

Crypto VIP Pass is a service that offers paid channels with one affordable price, 150+ experts that offer all types of trading: Indicators, Technical analyses, on-chain trading, crypto news and more.

How does it work?

We carefully picked the top traders in the cryptocurrency market and joined their VIP Paid channels and then we installed our 24/7 high-speed bot to forward messages to our channels with zero delay and 100% the same as original.

Our service

With the best traders in our side, you will know the next movements and trend of the market as they happen.

Daily signals based on 24/7 market monitoring and most accurate indicators in existence.

Not only 1, not 20 but 150+ channels in one affordable price. wow.

Market monitoring

Daily signals

True Premium.

Auto trading

Watch Netflix while making money trading the best signals. Impossible? why not. with Cornix support on our channels it's a reality.

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4 free TOP channels included on telegram & discord 🎁.

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