Auto trading

Auto-trading is a feature that will allow you to automatically create trades based on signals that are sent in our cornix supported telegram channels, if there is a lightning emoji "⚡" next to the channel name - it means it support the auto trading feature.

however, it's not easy as you think. auto-trading can be dangerous, but we will provide our favorite settings to make it more profitable and easier for you.

Setting up auto trading

Step 1: Buy a subscription from Crypto VIP Pass to access all the channels you need.

Step 2: Join any Cornix Supported* ⚡ channel and click "Follow Signal" on any trade already sent.

*Cornix is a trading bot that reads telegram signals and build a trade on your exchange based on the numbers given, not the best but its the only choice we have today.

Step 3: Now we need to connect Cornix to your Exchange account.

  • after going to Cornix bot click "Continue here".

  • Read Cornix terms and accept them if you want.

  • click "To notifications service".

  • Start the notifications bot then click "Return".

  • Now Cornix will ask you to pick an exchange, lets say "Binance".

  • Click on Binance Futures, use default name and continue.

  • Now leave Cornix bot and go to your Binance account.

Step 4: Now let's connect your favorite channel to the trading bot.

  • Login to your Binance account and go to "API management".

  • click "Create API" and choose "System generated"

  • Name this API whatever you like, we recommend naming it "Cornix".

  • Copy the API and Secret Key and get back to Cornix on telegram.

  • Paste API + Secret key as "API,secret" paste them and seperate them with a comma.

  • Now copy the IP addresses from Cornix and get back to Binance.

  • Go to "IP Access restrictions" and add Cornix IPs to trusted IPs.

  • Now enable "Futures" and "Spot & Margin Trading" for the Cornix API.

    All done. get back to cornix.

Step 5: Finally! Auto trading.

  • send /start to Cornix bot.

  • Click on "Auto Trading".

  • Click on "Choose client".

  • Click the API setup we just created.

  • Click on "connect a channel".

  • Click the channel of your choice.

  • Enable the auto-trading.

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